Posted May 5, 2021, 10:23:04 AM UTC
Model: myself ;)
I was once
not too long a ago
offered a job...Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 
as a dancer,
but not any kind of dancer:
but as an exotic dancer
to perform for a stag party!

I felt rather flattered to be considered pretty enough to perform before a pack of hungry and howling wolves, and the idea, that I suggested, was for me to be "wearing", during such performance, a "suit" made from tape, similar as to those made for the Black Tape Project

while the offer was rather tempting, and dancing while using that type of "swimsuit" was rather exciting...I'm really far too very shy, IRL, for such a thing!!

so, while I was thinking and considering that offer, I thought of a couple of routines that might be interesting for such an event and they inspired me to make some painting based on that idea

Yes, I'm more of a classical dancer (ballet and gymnastics) but was able to design some rather provocative dance routines
Twilight Music Box Twirl


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