Fennic - Gun

Posted Feb 6, 2006, 2:54:53 AM
Mmm... okay then, well i'll start off with the discription shall i? Fennic, shes my fursona © to me.

I have these exact clothes, except for the hoodie which normally has a bat on which I couldn't be botherd drawing, this is my trademark you see before you on her hoodie. the pants, thier the combat pants I wear in school a part of my "uniform" XD it shouldn't be worn apparently. but stanley sucks (my head teacher)

Anyway, I know most people see the pentagram (the big star thingy behind Fennic) as something demonic but it is a Pagan symbol for protection. So who knows why it's in this picture? symnbolising protection with a gun maybe? lol.

Well - Fennic/image/everything © to me!

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