BlacK CherrY FaeriE

Posted Jun 26, 2006, 5:19:07 AM
My Black Cherry Faery. A strange fey with horns and an elongated neck. Serenely day dreaming of her love, while in the company of her little humming bird familars, who weave thoughts of passion, love, and happiness all around her. She patiently waits to be reunited with her beau, content with the messages of longing and loyalty, infatuation and hope he sends to her on his own faery bird. The little messanger whispers her romeo's sweet words into her ear, caresses her cheek for his master, before returning to him with her eternal vows of love.
Done in prisma colored pencils.

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  • Apr 11, 2009
    How strange and wonderous your style has turned here. The tangle of emotions is metephored perfectly in the expression, the avian interplay and of course the string. perfect
  • Jul 4, 2006
    wow! this is really creative! this chick gives me the creeps but in a good way- i really like this