im an 18-year-old anime fan, my favorite charters are Greed, Envy, Kimbley, Roy Mustang and Hoenheim *i think that’s how you spell his name* (FullMetal Alchemist) Knives, Vash, Legato (TriGun) Sanzo, Kami and Homura (Saiyuki and Saiyuki RELOAD) Dio ( Last Exile) Krad (DNAngel) .... and many more but i don’t wont to loose your attention if your still reading ^_^'   yeah..... i write a lot of fanfiction and even more poetry, i live on a dieing horse ranch and hope it spontaneously busts into flames.... oh... and i work at Borders books ^_^   thank you  

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  • Cover for Tainted Creations

    Tainted Creations

    (Full Metal Alchemist) I am… an abomination… a filthy impure creature that holds nothing human in it’s veins… I am… a failed attempt at perfection. This story contains graphic abuse of a child in it’s first chapter. There will be graphic violence and sex through out this fic. So if your not into reading these kinds a things I think you should stop clicking on fan fiction rated N17 The first chapter will not contain any characters from FMA, but the next chapter will be a little more insightful on what Edward and the others are up to in this, AU fic.

  • Cover for Bitter sweet hatred

    Bitter sweet hatred

    I’m not looking for a pity party so don’t start in on that, lol… I just… wonted to share this with every one because I know there are a lot of people who go through the exact same shit as I do, and wears. So I thought I’d share this so that people who read this poem will know that the purest of hatred holds so much more than just hatred. It’s fed by so many other things before it becomes hatred. I… hate myself… because I can not love my mother for the life of me… and she makes no effort to make it easer to bare the fact that I never can and that I’ve given up all hope that I ever will.

  • Cover for Immortal


    His life, his dreams, his wishes this story takes you though the mind and life of the Bejiita that never was, yet should have been. The universe is his, his life will never end, and hopefully, just hopefully, he can find someone to share it with. She's a senior High school student on earth, searching for her place, but Bejiita has been watching her. And a stunning surprise that will change her life forever will unravel. The fate of the world is at the Prince's mercy... and he has his own reasons to show none such thing. The setting and outline of this story is very distorted from the DBZ universe. There are no other characters that were in the dbz world, and that how I wonted it. Timelines are different, as well a few minor quirks that Bejiita no longer has... beings he's over 500 years old in this fanfic, I'm shier he would be much more matcher and Patient about some things. He's still the same prince, don't get me wrong, but I'm shier I took all the damn FunImation out of him. please R&R

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