New Years Art RPG Cross Over Challenge. Earn 50-100 XP, 7AP, 50 gold for participating. Now through Mar 10

-Age: 18
-Gender: Female
(I'm so general! XD)

-Interests: DBZ, Harry Potter, Zelda, and most types of yaoi.
-Favorite color: Forest green
-Musical Interests: Rammstein, Korn, Fear Factory, Cradle of Filth, and Disturbed.

****I DO take commissions, so if you're interested, please let me know. I'm not on Paperdemon often, however, so it'd be best to contact me via my DeviantART account. --->

Thank you.

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  • Cover for Salt in My Wounds

    Salt in My Wounds

    Goku and Vegeta come to a big threat on Earth, a mysterious one. They're gonna need a hand, so what else do they do? Go out into space and find it!

  • Cover for Geschichten Von Zorn

    Geschichten Von Zorn

    The life of my original character, Zorn.

  • Cover for Sign of the Times

    Sign of the Times

    Takes place hundreds of years after GT. Most of the Z-gang is dead, but the few that are alive are thriving in their times of peace...for now.

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