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  • Cover for Your Friend, Sheeran

    Your Friend, Sheeran

    (Each chapter will have its content warnings beforehand, such as for any sexual content or any touchy subjects/matters, even if they're just implied) Sheeran's life isn't the toughest out there, but it isn't easy either. With his sketchy father, secluded neighborhood, and general life's burdens weighing him down, he has to find a way to live a normal life while also dealing with these things. But things get a bit complicated when his father is laid off from his job, and Sheeran begins to fall for one of his best friends. This will be a more casual thing I write, working on it in my spare time and when I'm feeling like it, so it may not be updated incredibly frequently.

  • Cover for Mysteries Uncovered

    Mysteries Uncovered

    Camilla, along with many other stryx from Sacrum city, have been forced out into the deeper part of the caverns to combat the attacks that have taken place very near to the city lately. Many hardships are faced, but things take a rather personal turn for Camilla. Warning for slightly graphic gore descriptions, as well as some light swearing. I'll update this when I can, but that doesn't mean that will be often.

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