Hey folks- I'm a 30 something year old artist/writer and love action movies, and having fun.

My drawing styles are pencil, paint, digital, realism, and I like to do sculpture work.

Cheers :)

I am also nowdays a moderator on Paperdemon, so if you have questions, I should be able to help!

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  • Cover for Dress down day in the office

    Dress down day in the office

    Phoenix Wright is getting ready for a no hope court case when Edgeworth pays Phoenix a visit to borrow a spare suit for the court case. But is that all Edgeworth is after? Warning! Contains lemons!! Cause Everyone knows these 2 are gay ;)

  • Cover for The Final Sunset

    The Final Sunset

    The back story of my character Bryan Dragon- His childhood in a distopia world where the spirit of pure evil sucseeded in taking over the world. This is the story of how this young child's world was broken...

  • Cover for Lesson of Love

    Lesson of Love

    A romance story using my Dragon Twins characters in a now non-canon setting (Bryan was raised on Earth also when I first created him, and was trying to train Alex, failing miserably) If I could talk someone into writing a poem for this, it would be much appreciated!!! ^^ I can get rid of the desturbing notes cluttering the fic.

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