Life is not like a gloomy Sunday With a second ending where the people are disturbed Well they should be disturbed Because there's a lesson that really ought to be learned - Lyrics: Art of Suicide by Emilie Autumn

The words that need to be said:
We all know I'm very female like half the people on the sight, so let's get to the fun things!

Reason to Draw:
To draw is to draw and I do draw to draw.

Frequently used Original Characters:
-In Writing, RPing, or Other-

Chaos: Too desirable, too much of a monster. An incubus - give or take the fact that he is not of the breed and is in fact a free experiment. Approach with caution. -Seme by nature-
Cyclone: A pretty tiger shark merman. Also an experiment. Approach with caution. -Seme-
Fortuna: Adorably small little seer-demon. Pet of the gods. -unknown-
Frost Marionette: A humanoid doll much like a dollfie. Perfectly cold. Ice. And yet quite desirable. -Uke by nature-
Mokoto: The blonde snake charmer. Beautiful, sadistic monster. -Seme or Uke, interchangeable-
Rainé: Rain~ small, feminine, delicate and sweet. Little temptation. -uke-


- Commissions:
Rare and take forever to get done.
- Art Trades:
I love them. Also take forever to finish. >.>
- Collabs:
Do not want. -cannot do ANYTHING with photoshop and coloring-

And now go enjoy stuff.

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