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Hello I'm DemonEmpress666 as you can probably tell from my profile. I'm in college right now for writing, and I want to be a writer one day (probably novels and journalism). Right now I'm not really seriously writing or anything, just messing around with poetry and short stories and whatnot. Leave feedback and stuff. Let me know what needs improvment so I know what to do, or not do next time. Thanks!

Latest writing

  • Cover for Pushed to the Edge

    Pushed to the Edge

    It was just another day for Lucy.. until she was pushed too far. I in no way condone or encourage violence or murder. Also, I'm not really trying my hardest with writing this.

  • Cover for Bizzare Romance

    Bizzare Romance

    Young Danielle has just begun her new life in L.A. when she meets a mysterious man in a club one night. Who is this man? Why is he so into Danielle? Is he just using her? All the answers to these questions are revealed in Bizzare Romance. (NOTE: This story will get really weird as it goes on. I'm not taking this story seriously. It's just something to keep me entertained and to get some writing practice in. All the weird 'sexual' things in this story aren't things I'm actually into. It's just for fun. I hope you like it!)

  • Cover for Fast Paced Life

    Fast Paced Life

    I'm not very good at poetry, so criticism is welcomed and appreciated.

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