[u][b]I do Commissions[/b][/u]

$10 sketch

$15 ink

$20 color digital

$30 acrylic

+ $3 for shipping if you want the sketch or acrylic original

I take: cash, money order or paypal ^_^



Name: Jessica


Gender: Female


Age: 25


Birth date: April 7th


Sigh: Aries


Height: 5’ 6”


Weight: Yeah right! It’s mostly Muscle anyway >__>’


Location: Nevada, USA, it’s not all a desert!


Fav Digital medium: Paint shop pro


Fav trad medium: Acrylic paints, Prisma pencils and Markers

Idol: Yoshitaka amino and a few others… ok a lot


Fav thing to draw: Naked men, half naked men… men…did I mention men?

Most hated thing to draw: Feet, buildings, cars, anything that needs proper perspective lol



Fav Movies: 300, Dracula 2000, LOTR, AVP, Hammerfilms Dracula series, Sleepy hollow and pretty much every horror movie ever made


Fav Music: Heavy metal, Gothic, World


Fav bands: Hammerfall, Edguy, Gamma ray, Helloween, Nightwish, Enya, Angels and Agony and MANY more


Fav Books: Vampire Hunter d series, Hellsing (Manga) and the Carpathian series


Fave TV: Family guy, American Dad, Hellsing, WWE, ECW, Law and Order SVU and anything that might be interesting


Likes: All the things above? XD *smart ass* Um… Animals (My yard is a licensed habitat O__o) God (we talk a lot, he is cool) seeing the sunrise when I walk to work, seeing the sunset, a nice day to garden, good endings in movies and stories, a good joke


Hates: Not much but there are a few things LOL Rude people, abusive people… people XD Nah nah… I kid I kid


Hobbies: Writing, hiking, gardening, making dolls, sewing, baking (COOKIES) organizing… ok that’s more of an obsession… RAINBOW ORDER!


Secrets: I love Yaoi! I have never been to a school let alone an art school. I am self taught. I don’t drive and never will, I’m Christian but I hate Churches, My other personality is a Vampire named Mael… and sometimes I can’t tell if he is real or something I made up... >__>’



I started drawing the second I could hold a pen, I can’t even remember it but my Mother does! Horses were the first thing I remember drawing… strangely enough element based horses like, wind, water, fire, earth… yeah I was a weird kid. I moved to Disney characters then fell in love with Anime when I saw it. My goal in life was actually to become a comic book artist and I did achieve my goal of making a comic book! Well I drew it, I didn’t write it. I was always inspired by fantasy artist too and hope to one day work for wizards of the coast… we will see I guess. Holy crap… you are still reading this O__o… ok well… um… <__<’ … What else… Done a lot of Band cover art, my dream is to do a Hammerfall cover!!! Not that the artist they have now is bad but… I’ll straight fight him for a chance to do a cover! Fist fight…yeah.  OK well if anything else happens… I probably won’t update this so… LOL thank you for reading! I love you for it!

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