This account is for hosting Dragons of Aquella Trackers and SP counting.

The SP counting Que is were we will review all future art! Once accepted the art will automatically be added to the Aqrion's SP Tracker.

To Submit Offsite Art for Tracking:

This system is ONLY for art that is NOT hosted on PaperDemon.

You will NOT be posting your own trackers on your own PaperDemon account. Instead, you will DM DoA-Ancient a link to your offsite tracker, which should be formatted appropriately and should follow the rules for SP counting.

Message this account with the following form:

Aqrion: [link to import]

PD SP Tracker: [link to your Aqrion's tracker blog hosted on DoA-Ancient. If it does not exist yet, let the admin know and we will create one.]

Art to Add: [link to offsite tracker or artwork]

If you include proof links to old counts + approvals on DA, we will honor them.

Make sure to include a link to the Aqrion the tracker is for when you message DoA-Ancient.

Your tracker will be converted by admins into a blog post on PaperDemon, where we will track the AP and whether or not the artwork has been rolled. You will be messaged once your Aqrion’s blog tracker on DoA-Ancient is updated.

Make sure to use dividers to indicate what art has already been posted to the DoA-Ancient trackers and what has not.

Template for Trackers: https://www.paperdemon.com/app/u/DoA-Ancient/post/1827