I am slowly rebuilding my presence on PaperDemon.  I'm not moving as much fic as fast as I expected so, until then.  I am no longer on Live Journal.

I AM NO LONGER ON TUMBLR EITHER!  After their filter went live, a few thousand posts vanished and I lost access to my own work.  I have deleted both of my Tumblrs.

I have not written since post season 2 (of Agents of SHIELD) for reasons I'd rather not discuss.  I do hope to eventually finish my ongoings but no promises.  Thank you for understanding.

I have a word press I am TRYING to work on for my gaming blog but it is a Tumblr imported mess and I DO have a Dreamwidth, though it is not public currently.

You're welcome to contact me with any questions or just to chat.  I know this profile is all over the place and kind of passive aggressive but that's my normal way to be, I promise.

Well, the all over the place is, not the rudeness.  Unless it's Rude-ness.  

Latest writing

  • Cover for Colder Than Snow

    Colder Than Snow

    This is in the same time frame as "Flurry of Feelings" but can stand alone. Captain Hitsugaya fights with his personal feelings during a battle, not a good place for that. Labeled mature for violence, blood and implied m/m.

  • Cover for Flurry of Feelings (Bleach)

    Flurry of Feelings (Bleach)

    Kira and Hisagi are stuck in the world of the living when it's freezing out. This is an in-universe fic rated mature for nudity and implied violence against hollows. This story contains mild m/m interaction.

  • Cover for Drinking Buddies (Bleach)

    Drinking Buddies (Bleach)

    This is a fic to help me survive the anime filler. Spoilers for passed the end of the Soul Society Arc. This fic doesn't have all the terms down since it was more for fun than anything. If you would like to let me know of where they are please do so gently. <br> Ikkaku is bored so he goes to see the only one he can think of to drink with, Captain Kuchiki.

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