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  • Cover for  Courting A Lady of Breeding

    Courting A Lady of Breeding

    Lord Fallon, aging Duke of Sutton, has fallen for a lady half his age and twice as cultured. After proposing, will he succeed in winning her hand? Will their married life be happy? I suck at summaries so you might as well read this Victorian romance if that is your thing.

  • Cover for A Year in the Life

    A Year in the Life

    Got bored, wrote biker fiction. Not really in any order, take it or leave it but don't hate.

  • Cover for Whim


    (Complete)She had lived with him for nearly four decades, merely a passing fancy, a thoughtless action he’d made to alleviate the boredom of eternity. She’d never expected to fall for him, with his violent tempers and irrational jealously. Now, with her maker gone, all that was left was a wayward vampire. A vampire begging for redemption.

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