This gallery is primarily for my mature hetero and lesbian (yuri) art, and anything I don't feel comfortable posting on my other galleries.  If looks like there is nothing in my gallery here, it's probably because everything I've posted thus far is posted under Red Curtain, so please click "RC Profile" to see my submissions.

I do requests and art trades if anyone is interested, and if it's something I feel I can do.  Please see the "oh god please no" section below for subject matter I will not do.

Name: Liz
AKA: Ivy, Risa
Age: 20
Location: Virginia
Reading, writing, drawing, knitting, sculpting

Oh baby:
Mythological, fantasy and scifi themes, gijinka, enemy/rival sex, dub-con, light bondage, tentacles, slime, cross-species sex, ghost-sex, mind-control,  shapeshifting, crossdressing, polyamory, master-pet play, role-reversal, same-generation incest, chase and hunt scenes, androids, mecha and cyborgs, dragons fuck yeah, prehensile tails, dickchicks, noisy sex, REAL LOVE, frottage and tribadism, latex, leather and chains, light bloodplay, some very light guro and/or vore,  dreadlocks, piercings and tattoos, foreign languages, armor and bodysuits, masks and hoods, gloves and stockings, HAPPY ENDINGS

Oh god please no:

Shota, loli and toddlercon, violent non-con (RAPE), rimming, anything to do with bodily wastes, stereotypical "uke" and "seme" characters, FUCKING DRAMA, extreme vore and guro, furries (don't hate it but I just don't go there)

Where to find me elsewhere on the net:
DeviantArt - most of my art, photography, sculpture, etc.
Y!Gallery - male homosexually-themed art (yaoi, shounen-ai)
Livejournal - thoughts and rants
Tegaki E blog - odd doodles


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