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Well looks like you've stummbled on to my profile. As long as you're here I might as well tell you a bit about myself :yes: I'm 23 and I currently live in Nevada ( in the U.S. if you didn't know)

I mainly like to write and draw. Writing comes very naturally to me but I tend to draw a lot more these days. I started drawing when I was around ten and was first inspired to when I saw DragonBall Z. I think I've come pretty far :yes: but I'm always open for constructive criticism though a simple "Hey! that looks cool!" Will do too lol ;)

I like a ton of anime shows and games ESPECIALLY Resident Evil. I'm a big nerd when it comes to that stuff so if you ever feel like wasting time talking about games or anime I'm always open for a good conversation :yes: I'm an easy going person so I get along with practically anyone.  Well I think that's about it thanks for stopping by! :glomp:

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  • Cover for "Eat Lead"

    "Eat Lead"

    Gohan's family has been wiped out. Broly has hunted down and killed every last one of them except Trunks and Gohan. Their powers are slipping away due to a wish to Shenron from Broly. They're becoming human and there's nothing they can do about it. It seems that all hope is lost until Gohan hears about a woman called Brook who could possibly save them from certain death. But Brook has baggage of her own to take care of she can't afford to take on other people's problems but then she's not about to let the Earth suffer along with Gohan and Trunks. This is a cross over of my original story and the DBZ world it was inspired by a picture I drew call Brook VS. Broly I think it's somehwere still in my gallery. Though I redrew it and plan on posting it soon. This is a short series maybe about 6 chapters at the most but I hope you guys enjoy it and tell me what you think of it :)

  • Cover for Wolf Bane

    Wolf Bane

    So I've been seriously neglecting my writing lately. So I decided to finish this story I had to do for my brother's friend's music magazine. He asked for a horror/monster type story. Though I don't think it's really all that scary. I also plan on updating some chapters into my series. But this story is about a girl named Jean who's sister had been murdered allegedly by a werewolf. Her father the Detective is dead set on the werewolf being the killer but Jean thinks otherwise. All the while murders are popping up all over town that fit the exact description of her sister's murder. Jean is determined to prove that the werewolf is innocent. Not one of my best stories (Memories is so much better but you didn't hear that from me SHH!) but I like it :) And yes sorry all but this is another sad one. Sad stories are what I do best ^.^;; Oh and I hope you all like the cover art my brother did it for me. Personally I think the art totally rocks!

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