It is high time I updated this profile...  Now I notice that it's 2 years out of date.

Welcome to my little niche!  My name is Robin, and as you can see, I'm a fantasy artist.

I work primarily with mechanical pencil, although I love to experiment and as such have tried many, many mediums.  Still, my trusty graphite is thus far my favourite tool.

Besides being an artist, I am a music hobbyist (I don't want to say musician, as I've only ever -sang- professionally).  I play violin, sing, and plunk on the piano.  I've also played glockenspiel and snare drum, although not in years.  Currently, I'm a university student enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at my school, with a major in accounting.  Hopefully, obtaining my CA designation will help to subsidize my art habits.

I have a wonderful boyfriend named Jon, who is happily into fencing and studying many random things that interest him on a whim.

I am currently open to commissions, as I have fulfilled my long list of items to be sent out from prior years.  If you want to commission me for something, send me a PM and I will likely answer it within the week, if not over the day.

Finally, I am a senior moderator here at PD.  This means that if you have any troubles, questions, concerns, bitches, lonely streaks - whatever - I'm here to help.  Send me a PM and I will do my absolute best to fix your problems.

Mostly, have fun!



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