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Kon'nichiwa, kon'nichiwa~

My name is Miriam-chan.

Besides from time to time working as a moderator of here along with it's server on Discord also, I am a self taught artist and writer of mainly original fiction that's been inspired heavily by all sorts of things I've been passionate about since I was pretty much a teenager, sometimes or depending on the mood really, I would do fan fiction but I don't think I really have plans in sharing that on here, that sort of thing is already on different sites such as DeviantArt, Wattpad and lastly.

Archive of Our Own.

A little heads up if you do go to that site in particular, all of the fics I have published on there are NOT exactly for the kiddos and really that's just about it, I really created an account on there just because aside from my other blog on Blogger known as "Dark Side Stories"

I wanted to have another spot for where I can create mostly stories with a lot of maturity with some kind of ease, I am also kind of active on the "other side" of this site which also is like Ao3 and kind of my second blog on Blogger.

Mostly Ao3 to be honest.

But anyways, that's just the heads up for when going to the site if that happens.

Reasons for joining here since I could speak about that, it was because of my best friend and surrogate older sister Alexandria, they've been a member of the site since the beginning of the 2010s and during one of our many, many, many conversations, they had mentioned that Paper Demon (this site here) is definitely a great place to check out and also pretty big about things regarding mental health, which for myself personally, that's means a lot to me in ways I'd prefer not really to share (just yet)

So with that in mind and on the last day of May 2019, I had created an account for here and joined the server on Discord afterwards also! :)

Latest writing

  • Cover for First Night

    First Night

    Inspired by a dream that I had on my birthday, which was right on time since I wanted to do a special story for Miriam-chan's birthday also.

  • Cover for Sanctuary


    Simply just a one-shot which was from a lemon collection that I did for Miriam-chan's Delight II

  • Cover for Alexandria and the Doctor

    Alexandria and the Doctor

    Alexandria instantly develops an physical attraction towards a doctor that's much more than a sight for sore eyes.

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