Name: Brandi (Monti)
Age: 21
Interests: Mythology (any kind but I really like Celtic and Japanese), fanfiction, writing/reading, animated movies, and ancient history.

Profession: Currently going to school, hoping to become a Graphic Designer or Illustrator and work on my own personal Comic/Graphic Novel ideas on the side.

City: Milwaukee. I was born and raised entirely in the state of Wisconsin but I moved around a few times.

Why I use DA: I have a few accounts on other sites similar to this and I like the exposure it offers, the ability to build relationships within the art community, and the peer feedback.

Commissions: Yes, I take them. Prices vary depending on size and whether the commissioner wants the original, and electronic copy, or a matted print of the commissioned work.

They start at 10$ for a 5x7

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Latest writing

  • Cover for The Loyalty of Dogs

    The Loyalty of Dogs

    On four paws they stand, on one heart they thrive. Always by our side, unwavering companions. Such is the nature of dogs.

  • Cover for Divine Flesh

    Divine Flesh

    Revenge tastes oh so sweet, and is best topped with a sprinkle of Miko. [Gorey! Squimish beware!]

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