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I'm a full-time erotic romance author that uses fan-fiction to try out experimental scenes and fan-art to recharge my creative betteries.

Just so you know, MOST of my work can be found on the Red Curtain side--including many of my writing tutorials.

Ookami Kasumi
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  • Cover for How Much Smut for Your story?

    How Much Smut for Your story?

    This article was specifically written for smut scenes, but truthfully, it can be be for any type of scene: horror scenes, angst scenes, kissing scenes, fight scenes... Just replace the word Smut with the scene of your choice.

  • Cover for RAVEN


    A Kuroshitsuji ~ Black Butler Fan-Fic. The Other ending.

  • Cover for HERO


    Kiba was determined to save Sakura - whether she liked it or not. (Kiba/Saku)

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