Queen of the Evil Cliffhanger.

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  • Cover for Patience


    Vegeta has his eye on Goku, but apparently Goku either hasn't noticed or isn't interested. Will he?

  • Cover for Lesser of Two Evils

    Lesser of Two Evils

    Radditz meets still evil Piccolo - a gleeful exercise in sex and violence. Lang,Yaoi,Anal,BDSM,Bond,CBT,D/s,Lemon,N/C,S&M,Tort,Toys

  • Cover for Remembrance


    Vegeta groaned and writhed in pleasurable torment as Radditz teased and tasted his body. The long locks of hair gliding over his sensitive nipples were making him shiver at the contrast between the delicate touch and Radditz’ firm caresses.

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