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Drawing and writing fantasy are my passions. I write orginal fiction novels that focus on the darker side of humanity, and I enjoy drawing/coloring the characters from my novels. I'm currently rewriting a 600+ novel called "Night Lord", which is the story of a young man who is bitten and turned into a vampire and is thrust into a world of darkness, vengence, and treachary. He is relentlessly pursued by a dark elf vampire hunter, while back in the safety of the vampire sancutary the vampire patriarch plots to kill Gaulzen. This story focuses on the nature vs nurture theme, and whether Gaulzen was born the way he was, or if the society he finds himself in influences him.

Another work-in-progress is "Half-Light", the sequal to "Night Lord". This is the story of a young elven man named Lael and his struggle to overcome the brutal murder of his mother and the haunting memories of that bloody night. Haunted by the murder and fighting for his very life, Lael wanders the land in search of a means to finally overcome his torment.

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