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About Saiyu

My name is Reina; I'm a seventeen-year-old who likes to imagine that she can sing, write, and draw somewhat decently. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, albeit not very well, of course. I've been drawing anime sytle for the better part of six or seven years. I taught myself by copying Sailor Moon pictures. I've never taken formal art classes, but I am in a few classes at school.

I play the piano, violin, cello, and guitar; I like to imagine that I can play the flute, but I can't get my mouth to fit over the opening the right way. I also like to pretend I can sing, which is amusing since I'm tone deaf.

Otherwise, I'm a slave to the school system and trying to escape by going to college. This, of course, furthers my education and continues enslaving me. Joyousness and rapture.


Important Info:

SnK does requests! Yay! However, please note, that I take a long time to do them. Senior year is sucking my life away.

--Regarding Requests--
1. I will not draw hentai/yaoi/yuri for other people.
2. I don't do animals. Yet.
3. Dear God, keep the amount of people to a minimum. Group shots are a pain in the ass. EXCEPTION: If you want chibis.
4. No mecha. Unless you want a blob labled "mecha".
5. Don't run up to me and say "OMG!!!!!11!!198475! Cn u plz dra me? I have brown hair n green eyes n im 5 feet tall!!" That irritates me.
6. For the love of God, link me to something. If you can't link me, be prepared to write me a mini essay on what your character looks like. I don't want to get anything wrong.
7. Be prepared to wait a while. I have a life and it gets in the way.

Current requests (in no particular order):

Current contests (in no particular order):
1. Masquerade Costume Contest (on FAC)



Q: Why won't you draw me hentai/yaoi/yuri? You've done it before.
A: I have only drawn one yaoi piece, and I don't plan on drawing another. I have never drawn yuri, and I never will. As for the two (three?) pieces of Lucifer and Yanagi, I don't consider those hentai. Hentai implies in-your-face-pussy-action. How I've drawn Lucifer and Yanagi is nothing like that. They're a couple, making love in those pictures. It happens when you want babies.

Q: I don't like my request. Can you draw me another one?
A: No. Not unless I don't like the picture either. I try to put at least 4-5 hours into each of my pictures, including my requests. That's too much time to scrap and redo, unless I truly loathe the piece.

Q: Will you draw something for me just because?
A: Erm, that would be a request. I draw random gifts for people because I want to do something for them.

Q: Can I draw your characters? Can I color your line art?
A: Heck yes! I just ask that you let me know you're doing so with a small comment on my user page, and that you mention the characters/line art belongs to me in your comments on the piece.

Q: Will you illustrate my story?
A: No. As flattered as I am, I just don't have the time. I will, however, draw you one or two pictures.

Q: I have a script for a manga. Will you draw it?
A: No. I'm uber-flattered, but I don't have the time. I will do a chapter cover for you, if you want.

Q: Where's my request?
A: I have school, I have clubs after school, I'm invovled in sports. Give me at least a week or two.

Q: What do you use to color?
A: I do most line art and coloring in Adobe Photoshop CS with a tablet. I do, sometimes, ink with a pen and then color in photoshop. It's rare that I do anything completely in photoshop.

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