I'm 34 and I live in Texas near Houston as a semi professional artist. I'm currently making 2 original comic series. My preferred media is photoshop with my wacom tablet. For income I sell cute original art trinkets, manage a nsfw patreon, and sell my art at conventions.

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  • Cover for Things Never Spoken

    Things Never Spoken

    Beautiful Rukia. His hope and his curse. His cure and his poison. Dying for her� would not be hard for him, but living without her was certainly an impossible task. Renji/Rukia, Ichigo/Rukia -- Angst, M/F, Hent, Tort, Violence, N/C

  • Cover for Lost and Found

    Lost and Found

    Kagome gets separated from her group and finds herself in a dire situation. Wounded and exhausted, she sees the end flash before her eyes, but at the last instant hope finds her, but the price of a savior is soon revealed to be extreme Ses/Kag Angst,M/F,N/C,Oral,Tent

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