Hello there! I'm Rowan. I, uh. I like to draw? And make stories with my characters. :3 they/them.

  • Commissions: Check here for status & prices!
  • Trades: Case by Case / Friends Only
  • Collaborations: Friends only
  • Requests: Closed
  • Roleplay: Friends only (Sorry, I'm just bad at keeping up with them! I LOVE making & thinking stories together, though, so if you're interested in that let me know! I just don't have the time & energy to rp them.)
  • Gifts for Me: SFW only unless discussed beforehand, Art & Literature are both great! If you really wanna do a gift, all my characters are here, pick one you vibe with!
  • Characters for Sale/Trade: I very rarely, to the point of almost never, have any characters for sale and trade.

I joined PaperDemon in July, 2020, and I'm slowly working on uploading art I'm still proud of from the past year or so! For older art, feel free to browse my DeviantArt (there's a TON of old stuff over there!), my Twitter, and I generally put more/unfinished/wips/less polished stuff up on Pillowfort! I also talk about my characters and stories and whatnot over there, so if you're interested, that's the place!