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I only post my art for yiffy furries. I cannot draw people on here because I might not happy about them. But I prefer furries better than people.

I can draw incest, male/male, animals, anthros, gangbang and fanart (such as Disney, ect).

Please do NOT given it out a harsh comment on my gayfur art. My friend was just show me this site and I was thought, "Hmmm....sounds nice. Then I will post some old arts on here."

I'm not looking for someone likes my arts. No, just want to know what you guys think about my arts, then I will post more arts here.

I also do not have the commishes, requests or art trades. Because as for commishes, people will don't like my arts. I know that. It will make me I hate people, too be honest. Requests and Art Trades are only for closest friends, sorry. Or MSN friends as well.

I have still more arts on FA (look at my homepage). That's for the adults only, sorry. If you have one, go feel free to check it out. But do not watching me if you don't like it. Only because to make sure that you have to be carefull that the one thing you don't like. Like, for e.g. incest, herm, ect.

And about myself, I'm really, really nice person and friendly. I don't bite. I hardly to relpy back to your comment because I don't really much go on the computer or got too many messages to relpy back. But I can try to relpy back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy my arts.



MS Paint

Line Art - £2 - One Character / £2.20 - Two characters

One Colour Plain - £3 - One character / £5 - Two characters

Full colour (including shading, ect) - £7 - One character / £9 - Two characters (It can take me a long time)

Two characters yiffy/sexual - £9 (It can take me a long time)

Portraits (You or anyone) - £5

Add background - £1

Please email me via Googlemail on the right side box for the details, thank you.




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