hi im silvie (or lux, call me whichever one you like better) and im severely depressed tumblr scum who's in love with a million fictional characters. and also power metal. so much power metal

if you wanna chat with me feel free to shoot me a note! you can also ask for my discord if we're mutuals and i'm familiar with you.

please do not interact if you post fetish art! it makes me very uncomfortable for personal reasons.

things i like

  • osomatsu-san
  • vinesauce tomodachi life
  • nintendo in general
  • pokemon
  • splatoon
  • steven universe
  • five nights at freddy's (somewhat shamefully)
  • mlp:fim
  • dragonvale
  • papa louie
  • starbound
  • overwatch
  • vocaloid


you could probably ask me if i like something and if it fits into my aesthetic or is fun or appeals to me in some other way YEAH i probably like it things

other sites i'm on

  • toyhouse - luxidoptera
  • tumblr - luxidoptera
  • twitter - @ silvieskydancer
  • vid.me - silvieskydancer
  • wikia - peridotgem
  • piczel - luxidoptera
  • flight rising - rezonance
  • smackjeeves - rezonance
  • recolor.me - silvia luxill

i have a facebook but it is for close friends only

note me for my discord- i use skype as well, but only if i have to