I'll keep this short.
I love to draw, write, read.

I hate stupid people. I loath the color pink.

I am a Vincent Valentine and Cid Highwind-aholic.


I am spread across the web with the name SapphireDoG and SapphireInu.

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Latest writing

  • Cover for A VCR Complex

    A VCR Complex

    Cid owes Reno a favor. Reno wants to get that favor. How does it involve Vincent? Anal, COMPLETE, Language, M/M/M, Yaoi

  • Cover for A Change

    A Change

    Vincent gets a call from Nanaki about a strange breed of creatures. Little does he know, hell will be on his heels.

  • Cover for Surprise


    Kadaj plans a surprise for Vincents' and his 6 year. Well lets see what happens, Shall we? Done on request, might write a squel or another part, if you like this one.... First Yaoi so go easy on me. Vincent Valentine and Kadaj from FF7

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