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 this is now itachi uchiha i have killed zaku abumi and dosu someone named sasuke wants to take you out i am in the akatsuki and i am 2nd in command and i just got my brother to join me in the akatsuki i am a former AMBU and i killed my whole clan except for sasuke in one night.  hmmm lets see what else my little brother is sasuke uchiha (deadly_sound_ninja) prehaps u know of him.  well one of my best friends is kakashi hatake and he doesn't have a screen name yet on here.  I have recently abtanded a snake demon and is quite.... intreging.  *pets snake* and my little brother just got a cat demon (heh-heh sasuke's a sissy) (not that cats aren't dangerous but their so ***** u forget they can never mind im confusing myself) well i am now 1st in command at the akatsuki (lets just say he fell down a flight of stairs heh-heh) well hmm im not supposed to tell anyone this but when me and sasuke were younger he was the only thing that would make me smile nothing else would work.  i liked having a little brother (unlike most people) well that's all i can think about right now oh well until when i fell like writing again.  oh and i do draw but i reallly don't have a scanner that could be a problem i have recentally joined ......... lord orochimaru to sasve my little brother from even more punishment
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