My name is Mary-Ann, and I joined this place because my sister (Fembot) told me one day to go look at her paperdemon artwork and see the picture she drew of Radish. ( ) I've seen alot of good artwork around here, but unfortunately I don' t think any of my pictures could rival some of the best art I've seen here! However, I do write, and that is where I believe my talents are. So yeah, I'll probably post a few pictures I drew that I'm particularily proud of, but what you're mostly going to see come from my pencils is poetry and prose of all sorts. But, even for that you might notice that fantasy is my favorite genre! Other than that... Hi everyone! Feel free to comment on anything you see of my work, I love to hear anything constructive or even not so much... I just like peoples opinions! Oh, and PM me if you ever wanna chat! <3!

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