My name is Mary-Ann, and I joined this place because my sister (Fembot) told me one day to go look at her paperdemon artwork and see the picture she drew of Radish. ( ) I've seen alot of good artwork around here, but unfortunately I don' t think any of my pictures could rival some of the best art I've seen here! However, I do write, and that is where I believe my talents are. So yeah, I'll probably post a few pictures I drew that I'm particularily proud of, but what you're mostly going to see come from my pencils is poetry and prose of all sorts. But, even for that you might notice that fantasy is my favorite genre! Other than that... Hi everyone! Feel free to comment on anything you see of my work, I love to hear anything constructive or even not so much... I just like peoples opinions! Oh, and PM me if you ever wanna chat! <3!

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  • Cover for It&#39;s Just Politics

    It&#39;s Just Politics

    A poem I wrote when feeling slighted by someone took to flaming some of my poetry, making comments about rhythm and rhyming schemes in a free verse poem. Comments were also made that I used too many &#34;big words&#34;. She couldn&#39;t figure this one out either...

  • Cover for An Unenlightened Magic

    An Unenlightened Magic

    I have been working on this story for upwards of 6 years. I don&#39;t know why, but no matter how long I leave it, I keep coming back to it. This is the fourth draft or so, but I think I might do a re-write here again, seeing as my writing style has changed again. This is a story about a world where magic abounds, yet people with magic and who are not human are persecuted for who and what they are. Now this isn&#39;t the whole first chapter, it&#39;s just 2 sections of it. Each section places a different character in the fore-front until about chapter three once they have come together. Oh, and I really don&#39;t like the title of the book as it is, it will most likely change too...

  • Cover for The Confessions of C. Colins

    The Confessions of C. Colins

    This is a revised opening to a story I started writing when I was still in highschool. It&#39;s about a young woman who finds her incredible life has taken her to new lows... This isn&#39;t the complete first chapter, more or less the introduction or just the first part of the chapter I guess.

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