Hi. -^_^- I'm fairly new at this site. But I'll be sure to put in more of my artwork after I come back from work. But anyway, about myself, I love to work on art, swim, dive, help others, eat food, sleep, video games, anime, manga, snow, and lots of other stuff. X3 I'm very kind to others and I love to assist. I hope I get to meet plenty of new friends online. ^_^ For commissions, I will take in requests. But not until Jan. 10 will I start to take in requests. I still have plenty to work on. I do draw on paper really well, I color with colored pencils, I can do shades, along with drawing on oekaki. I do art trades, and fanarts, and mature content....although I do have to say I never drew a male in nude. x.x but females, yeah. Hentai....eh, it has to depend, it can be too hardcore if that were to ever come up, it's not my style to go into that work but I'll be my best to. If you have any questions just IM/email me. ^_^ I'm  here, to help.

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