I fell in love with DBZ when I was quite young but ended up ultimately avoiding it after its huge economical boost where Viz basically twisted it around into this evil money making commodity where every single tiny tot and half pint down the block had a DBZ T-Shirt and by this point you just didn\'t want to blend in anymore.

Favorite Couples: Vejiita X Gokuu

I draw yaoi for the most part, and am practicing it in my own style.

Artists Vices: When I\'m critiquing your work I have a few things that stand out as my pet peeeves, thus I will list them here, so when I go and say straight out honestly what I see is wrong with your pic you will be prepared.

1 Unconfident lineart with bold coloring
2 When you can\'t draw Vejiita\'s hair even remotely correct
3 Thievery of other works
4 Photo backgrounds that are badly incorporated into the original drawings.
5 --I\'ll think up some more, i\'m sure there\'s MORE.

That\'s just the first draft of my profile, I really don\'t want to get into too much detail about MYSELF, but I do preffer yaoi drawings but I have a special place in my heart for Bulma x Vejiita drawings as well.

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