Name: Nuriko Windchaser... the evil twin.
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
Likes: Inter-species relationships, older men, May/December relationships, yaoi, a well-inked drawing, anything different and original.
Cons you can find me at: Next up, Yaoi-con!
Do I take commissions/trades?: You better believe it.  These are my general prices... all of which can be negotiated, of course:
Con badges (Plastic sleeve or Laminated): $15
Original Bookmarks: $15
Pencil sketch: $10
Fully rendered pencil drawing: $20
Ink: $40
Color in traditional media (Copics/Prismacolor pencils): $50
Computer color: $60
There is no additional charges for extra characters, etc... and all finished drawings can be matted and bagged, if you'd like.
Also, if you'd like to do a trade with me, just send me a note or PM and we'll set something up.  :cool:
Other places you can find me:
My LiveJournal
My DeviantArt Page
My VCL Page
My Y-Gallery
Me on Gaia Online

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