Hi there everyone!  I'm a college student living in California.  I love reading novels and comics and watching movies... particularly in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.  I'm a big fan of the Zelda games, the show Avatar the Last Airbender, anything written by Patricia Briggs, Spider Man, Studio Ghibli's movies, and lots more.  I like to draw and paint with anything I can get my hands on, digital or traditional.  Usually that means pencils, ink, and photoshop.  What else?  Hmmmm.... I love creating original characters and have about a million of them so far.   If you ever want to just chat about characters and story ideas I'd love to join in!

I also have a Deviantart site, also as 626elemental.

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  • Cover for Balance of Magic

    Balance of Magic

    Adrian wants to do all he can to uphold his foster father's ideals and plans. When he stumbles into the enemy's headquarters, though, there is more than one surprise waiting...

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