i love, love,love anime. i've been writting a comic for a while now, not to mention some other lil books.. umm...i'm always hyper, i can't spell to save my life...actually... i can't sing to save my life..or dance to save my life... or act normal to save my life... wow... i can't save my life...o.0 and no i'm not weird.. and no that wasn't a bad punch line.. and yes the goat is still stuck in the chmeny and i can't find the salt!!!!!! ok. now that we've got that out of the way.... hi... i'm dori ^_________^

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  • Cover for poem for manga

    poem for manga

    i hope it's okies if i post this poem, i've been wanting some insight about it for some time now. the main charry in my comic writes this... and it must be PERFECT!!!!..ok..maybe not 'perfect' but at least make sence and flow..lol

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