Dracostryx Community Event Interest Check!

Jun 9, 2022, 10:56:43 PM | 4 Comments | 3 min read

Just a general interest check for members of the stryx community, but I've been thinking on a community event idea of sorts, and would like some opinions and thoughts!


First off, the idea was to get a simple to draw/potato geno a design, then add them to the approvals queue for upload. Once they're uploaded, I would do a minimum amount of AP for them in a month (probably ranging from 40-50 minimum) and once that month ended, pass them onto the next volunteer to do the same. This would continue on until the stryx reaches diamond ascension rank. Once they reach that rank, they'd be sent back to me so I can host a raffle for all of the participants to have a chance at winning the import to keep. I'm trying to figure out a small secondary prize to give to each participant as well, but I haven't stockpiled enough of anything to do so yet. Not that I won't have the time, diamond rank is still so far away for this hypothetical stryx.


Some ground rules to keep in mind - 

Once the stryx is transferred to you to level up, you cannot keep them just yet. Only the raffle at the end of it all will decide who they go to for their forever home.

Refusal to transfer the stryx to the next volunteer at the end of the month will result in a ban from this and all future projects of mine, and game admins will be notified.

All art/writing done for the stryx must be kept PG-13 maximum, as per the game's rules.

This stryx will not have lore at the beginning, but if the community would like to work together to give them a little personality and some adventures to go on, feel free! Again, PG-13 rating and be respectful of others.

There's probably more I'm forgetting, which I will update if something comes to mind/is brought up.


In order to host this though, I will need some advice and opinions!


First of all, what is everyone's favorite stryx breed to draw/write about?

Second, favorite tail type for stryx, regardless of breed or body type?

Third, favorite mutation regardless of breed, tail, or body type?

And fourth, what is your favorite body/feather type, regardless of breed or tail type?


And I will need an estimated list of participants! Just a number of how many people are willing to enter, I'll be looking for around 15-20 participants if possible


I look forward to hearing from this wonderful community!

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