Hey eveyone my name is Kathy-Ann! Not much to say but im 14, well almost lol it's like in September!! (Im a Libra w00t!) ok so here's a little bit about moa...

Nickname: Kat , Grand Papi (don't ask), Fag Bag :p
Hair colour: Dirty blonde-ish
Eye colour: Green
Family: Mom, Dad, Bro and a Sis
Shows: Dragon Ball (Z GT), One Piece, Inuyasha, Naruto etc...

Chinese: Monkey (lol Oozaru is what i like to think!)
Sport: Skating, horse-back riding, hockey, fighting my brother!
Food: icecream (chocolate), pirogies, and all that stuff (yumm..)
Is good at: Drawing , D.D.R (I rule baby!), being annoying ^_^
Dreams of: becoming rich and famous
Disslikes: math, cherries,  "chick flicks" (too ironic :P)

Oh yeah, if you wanna visit my deviant art file, mah username is KyashiAnn :P

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  • Cover for Love...


    This is a poem I wrote. The two people are Toad (From X men) and Chris (Original Character [daughter of Victor Creed/ SabreTooth])

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