im 16 and i live in Mildenhall, England. I was born in Texas and lived in different parts of America for 7 years, then 2 months before my 7th b day i moved to England, My  D.O.B is the 22nd June, It's always easy to tell how old i am coz if you look close you'll see somethin bout the year and my age   2006 - 16. I'm a singer and actor but more an actor coz i get kinda self - conscious. But apart from that, in my free time i like to draw and then i discovered another talent, which most proberly explains why im not all that smart. But i hope you enjoy my drawings as much as i've enjoyed drawing them :o)

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  • Cover for The Prince and his life

    The Prince and his life

    This stars Prince Crash(me) and others from animes that you may or may not know, this is only the begining of a long and tiring day, so the story will be super long hope you like it

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