Hi all ! I'm from New-Caledonia, a french outer-sea territory in South Pacific. I've been studying english for about 6 years. Though english is not my mother tongue, I've decided to write most of my stories in that language.

     My interests are reading, writing, jogging, going to cinema, watching anime, etc... My favorite authors are Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Marion Zimmer Bradley, J.R.R Tolkien and a few others in both science-fiction and fantasy (subgenres included). My favourite movies are The Lord of The Rings, the first Star Wars trilogy, Mononoke Hime (in fact all things Miyazaki), Matrix (1st movie) and well that's all for the all-time favourites.

    Well there's more to know about me than that but that'll do. As I said I'll write in english and since it's not my mother tongue, any critique to correct my mistakes and help me improve on my style would be greatly appreciated.

Latest writing

  • Cover for A kiss

    A kiss

    This is a haiku.

  • Cover for The Huntress

    The Huntress

    It's a story about a huntress who slays vampires. Written a few years ago in English although my mother tongue is French. I'm not asking for indulgence though. Do critique harshly about prose and grammar please. See this as a prologue of sorts. For the moment I don't know where it might go...

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