Dracostryx Breeding Approvals 2020-2021

Oct 1, 2020, 10:43:28 PM | 478 Comments | 3 min read

If you're not familiar with how breeding works, please read up on our Breeding Journal before submitting a request!

DO NOT have conversations here! We must keep this area clutter-free, for the sake of our admins! If you have questions, please ask in our Discord Server.

General Rules

  • -Slots may be written in batches of up to 5 per comment. If you are writing out more than 5 slots to someone, you will need to post multiple batches.
  • -Stryx must officially be in your ownership when you write a breeding approval.
  • -Slots written out before a change in ownership must be honored, regardless of new owner's preferences.
  • -All personal rules regarding usage of slot must be stated by owner in the approval BEFORE purchase, not after. All rules must be written in the slot itself in order to be enforceable. You may not enforce any rules that are not included in the breeding approval.
  • -Slots may not be written unless a stryx has its Eye of Galyx and slots written may not exceed the amount a stryx has for its current status. For example, you may not write permissions for more than five slots while your stryx is still Omega.
  • -You may not write out slots to yourself. This is to prevent loophole abuse when transferring stryxes to new owners.
  • -Transfer of single slots may only be done with owner's permission, and may be done by replying to the original comment.



Split Slots

  • -Once you write a slot, you no longer have any control over the resulting clutch, except in the case of split slots. You may not request an admin to decease or alter the geno of any clutch result (i.e. asking for a dom marking to be changed to recessive.) You may not request that any of the genos be transferred to you if a slot is written as a full.
  • -For split slots, you must make ALL terms clear before the person pays money or trades goods for the slot, and if your terms are that a certain type of geno must go to you, regardless of whether that geno is a result in the clutch, the clutch must still be rolled as a split, and not a full.


Unlimited Slots

  • -"Unlimited slots" including “unlimited until x” may no longer be written to any stryx. The owners of these slots were given a window to use them or turn them in for credit. These slots are no longer valid.
  • "Until x deals" may no longer be made as of August 28, 2020. You may instead offer a new slot in exchange for AP, USD, genos from a failed clutch, or another trade. If you make any deals under the slot for failed clutch umbrella, the player who recieves the slot may back out and keep 'failed' genos at any point in the deal. They are NOT required to turn over failed clutches unless it is voluntarily in exchange for a new slot. See the August 28, 2020 News Post for more details.


Stryx Chick (1000 B)


To submit a request, please fill out this form and comment below......

Please only write out approvals to one user per comment to avoid confusion over slot ownership.


Link to Stryx:
Approval Details: (Full or split to [username])

# of Slots: (1-5)
Breeding Rules: 
(if any)

Transferrable?: (If you are okay with the recipient selling or trading this slot, please put the details here. Otherwise, just write "no.")



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