Dracostryx Design Approvals 2020-2021

Oct 2, 2020, 1:10:53 AM | 2313 Comments | 2 min read

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DO NOT have conversations here! We must keep this area clutter-free for the sake of our admins! If you have questions, please ask in our Discord Server.
Design Approval Guidelines
If your design has not been reviewed, start here.
If you have been asked to repost to corrections, please see the Design Corrections Blog.
  • Make sure that you own all of the stryx and items referenced in your form before you submit the request. If you are waiting for a transfer of ownership, do not submit a request until the transfer has officially gone through.
  • You may post up to three (3) designs per month with one (1) every 24 hours.
  • If you have previously sent a design through Approvals and had it denied, then have redesigned the stryx entirely (so that it no longer looks anything like the original), please restart from scratch here in Approvals.
  • You may use Deviantart's Sta.sh function or PaperDemon's-- to submit a hidden artwork on PaperDemon, click the "Want to add more info?" dropdown when submitting the artwork and uncheck both the public gallery listing and the my gallery + profile listing. Grab the link URL when you've submitted it, and use that to access the artwork. You can also access hidden artwork through the "Manage Art" button on your profile page.


To submit a Design Approval Request, please fill out this form and comment below.

Please only make an approval request for ONE stryx per comment.

Link to Design: (text hyperlink or thumbnail)
Proof of Ownership: (bred clutch, transfer link, or the adoption confirmation)
BG Pack: (name the background pack used & provide proof)
Item Proof Links: (gender potions, base coat changes, marking addons, etc.)
Number: (First/Second/etc. design of the month)


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