My name is Sallie. I really like to write and draw and I'm looking to improve my skills by getting some feedback here.  I like anime (lots of shows) and I love reading fanfictions.  I live in Puerto Rico (spanish is my 1st language so there could be some spelling mistakes).  I'm a cheery person who likes to talk (most of the time) and my friends describe me as a good listener.  Anyway I'm here to improve so I TAKE REQUEST! (cause I don't know what the term comission implies...)

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  • Cover for Something to Protect

    Something to Protect

    Inuyasha fan fiction. Sesshomaru's son Ashimaru and Inuyasha's son Otaru develop a strong friendship that is tested by family problems and enemie's attacks.

  • Cover for Searching for forgiveness

    Searching for forgiveness

    A poem that explains how Cloud felt after Aerith's death since she died in FFVII till the end of Advent Children (movie).

  • Cover for An Uchiha's fate

    An Uchiha's fate

    Two brothers in hiding after surviving a horrible tragedy. Can they keep living their peaceful lives after the youngest one of them becomes a ninja and starts a perilous journey to discover the reasons behind his fate?

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