Arion Wind:

Obviously, Im an artist. Can't hurt to say the least. I write and Draw, though Currently I have been writing more than Drawing. I do do requests, But not commisions.

Major Project: The creation of my Story, Gods and Demons Alike. (Aka: GADA) I usually start a whole bunch of stories and never see them all through, or finish writing but do not edit or revise. To Get me off this track, i have started one story, and any other story I abandoned. IT is seperated Into Books. I plan on Posting book one when it is finished, edited and revised included.

Characters: Ryoko, Phoenix, Niklarin, Silver, Servorous Seranie, Emra, Nightswishes, Erik, AG (the angel dude that has no name,) Alex, Laurance, Arion (basis of Pen name), Fynnol, Cynddl, Oacialmoon, Ayr,    And those that Were lost in time: Sanura, Nix, and sammi

What I like and Enjoy: Writing, Drawing, Singing ,Reading, Musik, Making music, Hanging out with friends, Role playing, cats, foxes, vampires, were-wolves, (Anything that has to due with fantasy.) anything sweet. The movies:Enchanted, Stardust, And more.

What I dislike: Sour, spicy things, Poisnous snakes, spiders,

Places I have been: Usa:Oaklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, New mexico, Lousiana, oregon, Texas, Tennisee, Iowa, And maybe more In Austria: Koeflach, Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck, salzberg.

Places I want to go: Russia, Japan, Germany, London

Places i get to go ive I dont drop band: New york city to march five miles next year.

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  • Cover for Death Calls.

    Death Calls.

    Another response to the episodes of Grey'S anatomy. XD Faeyl's and Shifters Are to ME.

  • Cover for A life is like a candle

    A life is like a candle

    Ever burning, Easy to blow out. I Wrote this after watching last night'S episode of Grey's anatomy. I am like so hoping Gery is NOT dead. Dammit! i alos have a short story that i wrote in response. It was better than crying. Which iw as so good and didnt because i cried when denny montgomery died (izzys lover and patient who she.. killed trying to save him) and when georges father died of krebs because THAT one reminded me too much of Grandaddys death So this is dedicated To uhh Gerys Anatomy. for bring out the stupid emotions out ofme. Damn i need to STOP gettin so attached to TV shows. I cried when Edward Died in FMA an dwhen Al brought him back and Ed sacrificed him self AND when i saw the movie so its normally just anime that i cry in.. this is teh first Tv series i got attached to. stupid soaps.

  • Cover for Ghost words.

    Ghost words.

    Full title: Ghost words (Spoken when sung)(Whispered not yelled) Something I wrote beginging of this year.

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  • Im getting there, slowly but surely

    Apr 16, 2008, 12:36:11 PM | 0 Comments | 6 min read
    Im alittle upset, because the planning for gus to come down here just went out the window. JUST because im not in Rotary. I find it unreasonable... and yet reasonable. I hate being an adult! I HATE IT
  • 100 Theme challenge.

    Apr 4, 2008, 5:21:39 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read
    I've started on my other artsite, the One hundred theme challenge. And I think, I should post it here, too. So here we go: One hundred theme challenge: 1)happiness 2)Sorrow 3)comfort 4)vengeance 5)Lus
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