Hi, I'm CaracalDemoness. Creative name, huh? Anyway I'm into reading, drawing, writing,sleeping, chocolate, singing, animals, and chocolate. I also have broken my arm and my leg, during summer ;_;

1. No battle scenes (I'm not very good at them yet)
2. No nudity (see above)

colored w/o details: 5$
colored w/ details: $10-$12 (depending on how much detail)
lineart w/o details: $2.50
lineart w/ details: $5-$6 (depending on how much detail

all special commissions (e.g. birthdays, holidays, ect.) free.

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Latest writing

  • Cover for Back When We Were Dumb

    Back When We Were Dumb

    Stupid teens decide to make wishes so dumb that they're almost briliant. Let the adventure begin!

  • Cover for A Betrayed Heart's Plee

    A Betrayed Heart's Plee

    I couldn't stop crying when I wrote the rough draft. I couldn't stop crying with the final, either.

  • Cover for Tears of Blood

    Tears of Blood

    What if Gohan met a Half-Demon and fell in love with her before high school? What if an old alliance brought a young queen to wish the Saiyan race back? What if an extremely strong enemy rose with a plan to destroy all Human life? That and more are answered in this 25 chapter long epic!

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