Hello I'm DemonEmpress666 as you can probably tell from my profile. I'm in college right now for writing, and I want to be a writer one day (probably novels and journalism). Right now I'm not really seriously writing or anything, just messing around with poetry and short stories and whatnot. Leave feedback and stuff. Let me know what needs improvment so I know what to do, or not do next time. Thanks!

Latest writing

  • Cover for Breaking Tradition

    Breaking Tradition

    The part of Draco’s life you never read in the books is revealed here in this story. He wasn’t always the coward he seemed, and maybe he was only so cold-hearted to non-pure bloods because that was what was expected of him. Maybe, deep down he was a softer person… but he was just afraid to show it.

  • Cover for The One She Loved

    The One She Loved

    (Short Story) A woman has lost the love of her life and mourns.

  • Cover for Love Was Lost

    Love Was Lost

    A story about someone who loved something, but the love was lost. Sometimes when you love something, you have to let it go.

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