Hello, peeblings, I am the Dizz. You can call me Dizzy. I draw the paper cats, seapuppynoodles, and also I seem to be in charge of all these gosh durn giant birds.



Commissions: Closed presently to the public due to health issues. Will reopen hopefully soon.

Trades: Case by Case basis (closed until hand health improves). I prefer quality for quality trades as my process takes time.

Collaborations: Friends only

Requests: Closed

Roleplay: Outside of RP groups, friends only, unless you want the Paper Cat. I always have Paper Cat muse.

Gifts for Me: Visual only, no literature please

  • Paper Cat
  • Haruki
  • Ross

Characters for Sale/Trade: Closed mostly. I have a few I'd part with, they're not ones most people know.

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