I am slowly rebuilding my presence on PaperDemon.  I'm not moving as much fic as fast as I expected so, until then.  I am no longer on Live Journal.

I AM NO LONGER ON TUMBLR EITHER!  After their filter went live, a few thousand posts vanished and I lost access to my own work.  I have deleted both of my Tumblrs.

I have not written since post season 2 (of Agents of SHIELD) for reasons I'd rather not discuss.  I do hope to eventually finish my ongoings but no promises.  Thank you for understanding.

I have a word press I am TRYING to work on for my gaming blog but it is a Tumblr imported mess and I DO have a Dreamwidth, though it is not public currently.

You're welcome to contact me with any questions or just to chat.  I know this profile is all over the place and kind of passive aggressive but that's my normal way to be, I promise.

Well, the all over the place is, not the rudeness.  Unless it's Rude-ness.  

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