Breeding Requests 2021

Jan 1, 2021, 8:38:17 PM | 377 Comments | 1 min read

Each player may use two breeding slots per month.
One request per comment!
No conversations here please.
Please don't reply to breeding results except for the sale/transfer of a geno.


You must have proof of the slot in order to breed!

If breeding a member dragon, you must have proof of the Breeding Approval.
All dragons must have their Trials of Aquella before they can breed.


Sire: (link)
Dam: (link)

Sire's Approval:  xx
Dam's Approval:  xx
Clutch Details:  xx
Breeding Number:  1 or 2 of the month
Player Log: (link)


Breeding Numbers and Percentages may be found Here!

Used Breeding slots can be viewed Here!


2020 Breedings: here.

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