New Years Event Challenge

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This event will run January 13 - March 10, 2021.


The New Year is upon us, and with it comes a new creative challenge. This challenge is in collaboration with Dracostryx, Dragons of Aquella, and PaperDemon.

We highly encourage you to collaborate or create gift art for players of other ARPGs! 

Check out PaperDemon's prompts Here.



Thunder rumbled ominously through the skies, strong enough to shake the Journeyships’ solar masts. The storm had roiled up from the horizon in the span of a handful of heartbeats, nearly unnatural in its speed. The caravan of airships hadn’t the speed to outrun it, and no portals to safe shores existed for miles in any direction. All they could do was pray that their ships would hold.


Lightning snapped across the bow of a smaller ship. Crates of fireworks exploded across the deck in a riot of colors, setting the ship aflame. Its crew scrambled to put out the fire, but even through the driving rain it persisted. The ship limped low, crew throwing boxes overboard to keep it in the air.


Suddenly, sleek shapes appeared in the water below. Aqrions, beckoning to the crew to abandon ship. Above, massive feathered dragons rocketed down through the clouds. Dracostryx, seeking to pull people from the flaming ships.

The heroes of the Paperverse portal in from countless worlds, teaming up with beasts of sky and sea to bring the Journeyships home.


The Rescue:


Cargo and crew are scattered across the rough seas below the disaster in the sky. Boats and swimmers rush to their rescue, with you among them. 


Draw or write your Aqrion assisting in the rescue efforts alongside one of the Dracostryx or the Avangard.


If you don’t already know any Dracostryx Players, join the Dracostryx Discord and ask for volunteers!

If you don’t already know any Avangard Players, join the PaperDemon ARPG Discord and ask for volunteers!



- Visual Art must be Fullbody, Coloured, and contain a Standard Background.

- Literature Art must be a minimum of 700 words.  Each participating dragon must add an additional 150 Words.

- A Dracostryx or an Avangard character must be present in the entry.  These will count as other ARPG for the SP Bonus.



- +6 Event SP

- x1,000 Pearls

- x1 Silver Conch

- x10 Iron Bar

- Storm Petrel companion

- Badge for participation on each dragon added.

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