Lua's Love Day 2021

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Love is in the Air!


The season's have started to shift. Currents begin to fill the cold waters with warmth once again.

Plant life begins to rouse from it's hibernation, sprouting in vibrant colours once more.


Aqrion young and old begin to feel this change, frolicking like little pups.

They begin to get giddy and flirty with this renewing warmth.




During this event, Aqrion will be able to earn their Trials of Aquella Trophy!

Jewel of Aquella by Aqrion-Admin


Grab a partner, spin them around and let's have some fun!




- Entries must be Fullbody, Coloured or Grayscale, and contain at least a Standard Background.

- Literature must be 700 Word Count. For every additional participating dragon, you must add 150 Words to your piece.

- Multiple dragons may participate together. A maximum of 4 dragons may participate per entry.

- Collaborations are also welcome!

- A guide Dragon is not needed to complete these prompts.


- Disabled dragons must complete the Disability Prompt below before they can complete the main prompt. ***


You only need to complete one of these prompts!

Aqrion who already have their Trials may still enter!

Event ends May 2 at 11:59 pm PST.




Prompt 1:

Sometimes you just need to dance with you're mate under moonlight until you're heart's content.  Woo a mate through a love dance!


*Show your Aqrion elaborately dancing with a partner under the moonlit sky.*


- They may be entwined and gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

- Backgrounds may include details such as icebergs in the water.  An Island in the horizon may contain snow and early blooming flowers.


Prompt 2:

Other ways of attracting a mate is by dressing up in beautifully adorned plants and flowers.  And then showing off!


*Show your Aqrion elaborately dressed in wild fauna (sea or land), shells, and other items, and strutting their stuff at another Aqrion.*


- He may be blushing with how ridiculous he feels.  Or he may be simply love-struck for the partner he's trying to woo.

- Backgrounds may include freshly growing plant life and/or flowers with vibrant greens.  The moon would be casting light through the water and on the surface.


Prompt 3:

Sometimes, wooing mate's the old fashioned way is tricky and unrewarding.  Sometimes, it is best to simply chase you're loved one for a while.  Playing small harmless pranks along the way.


*Show your Aqrion giggling and chasing each other through the newly grown fauna.*


- They most likely will have giddy looks of love on their face.  They may be giggling or laughing like little girls.

- Backgrounds may include freshly growing kelp, seagrass, and many other plants.  Creatures hidden in the sand may begin emerging from their hibernation.



    ***Disabled Prompt:



Your dragon must learn to master his disability before they are ready for the world. Here, Mochi the old Pygmy Singer, is here to help you hone your skills.

Mochi helps the disabled dragons learn to make connections with other disabled dragons. She also helps to build communities to be more accepting of others and educate other healthy dragons about living with disabilities and how to normalize them.

Today, she is teaching the community group how to make flower wreaths.


*Show your Aqrion making a flower wreath with Mochi or another disabled dragon*


- They may be struggling at their task, or succeeding with flying colours.

- Backgrouds may be full of flowering fauna.




- Trials of Aquella for participating Dragon, this may be claimed multiple times.

These may only be claimed once per person:
- x1000 Pearls
- x1 Pygmy Singer Mystery Eggs [Silver]

Event ends on May 2 at 11:59pm pst

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