Reward Redemption

Mar 14, 2021, 1:14:24 AM | 149 Comments | 2 min read

Congratulations!  Your SP has been counted and your rewards are ready to be claimed.



- Your Submission requires to have been processed by an Admin in the SP queue first! (No exceptions!) otherwise your request might result in a Rejection.

- You are not able to claim SP and Rewards at the same time in this queue! Only Rewards!

- You are able to claim rewards after the Deadlines have been passed (Events, Monthly Chellanges, etc) as long as the entry has been submitted to the SP queue BEFORE the deadline!



Comment below with the following:

(Please Post one comment per art/lit)


SP Approval Comment: (REQUIRED, approval comment, not the piece)

Link to Piece: (link to the PD submission)

Type: Activity/Trial/Training/General Art/Event/Monthly Challenge

Event and/or Month:  (List and LINK the event page)

Prompt: (Please specify which prompt the piece is fulfilling!)


Import: (link of import)

Import Tracker: (if it doesn't exist yet please let us know and one will be made)

Player Log: (link to your player log)

Lease Permission: (link)

Guide/Trainer Dragon: (link Import, if applicable)

Companion: (link)


Guide's Perks:  (list, if applicable)

Items:  (list, if applicable)

Skills:  (list, if applicable)


Rewards: (If there is a Choice of rewards, please let us know which one you'd like!)


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